About Us

Al Ejib Herbs Sdn Bhd was established in 1991 and focus in manufacturing herbal medicine. We are the first founder and pioneer in Malaysia popularize Black Seed and Tongkat Ali Hitam based products such as Black Seed Oil, Black Seed Capsule, Black Seed Honey and Tongkat Ali Hitam Capsule which now have been recognized for their effectiveness by customers and distributors. Al Ejib is a brand that prioritizes its nutrition and effectiveness by choosing and using the best raw materials.

Now, Al Ejib has a wide range of nutritious and beneficial products such as Tualang Honey, Black Seed Honey, Bitter Gourd Juice, Sabah snake grass (Jus Belalai Gajah) Juice, Sharifah Lotion and others. Al Ejib products are registered and approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. Al Ejib is also recognized as a GMP factory and obtained SIRIM Certificate too.

Sirim Certificate


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